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At AMPS we consistently try to improve all aspects of education and upgrading our ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is no exception. As such we have been working on a complete e-learning course to assist learners. Children attending their weekly computer class will need to follow and complete the lessons provided by the e-learning suite (Using sound is an invaluable component of these lessons).

Headsets complete the learning suite by incorporating audio (a proven method of teaching) this ensures your children will remember and implement what they have learnt.

We require learners from Gr.4 to Gr.7 to purchase a set of headphones to use at school. The headphones must be small “in-ear” headphones. These must be placed in a ziplock bag, Please ensure that your child’s full name and class code is on the ziplock bag. These earphones cannot go home and will be stored in the IT centre. If your child leaves AMPS the headphones will obviously be returned. No learners will be allowed to share headphones for health reasons.

The school has headphones available for sale at R100 but you may purchase any “in-ear” headsets.

Do they really need this?

  1. Absolutely! For a number of reasons:
  2. E-learning is more focused on the learner.
  3. Children can work at their own pace (re-do steps as often as they need to, revisit previous lessons and content – Increased productivity!)
  4. Standardization – You may have a great facilitator, but that’s no guarantee that the courses are presented the same across sessions (e-learning is always friendly, precise & consistent)
  5. Learners prefer e-learning because it accommodates more than one learning aid – Improved retention.
  6. Children remember what is being taught because it accommodates multiple learning styles.
  7. Learning can now be more interactive owing to practical application.
  8. Skills can be more accurately assessed because we can focus on children who need help.
  9. Children can maximise their time in front of their computers (they only have an hour a week so we need to make the most of that time)

Touch Typing Tutor

On all stationery lists (gr1-gr7) is a section for Typing. All learners must purchase a license for their username. The typing tutor is an industry leader in teaching typing skill sets to all children and adults. It is used by companies such as Dell, The University of Florida, North Star Academy and Oracle. The software trains learners on how to touch type and records user logins and statistics.

If you have not purchased this for your child he/she cannot participate effectively with the rest of the class and will fall behind when learners reach higher grades. The typing certification is R50.

We hope you will support your child by ensuring they have purchased headphones and the license for their typing certification.

Term Dates


  • Term 1:  15 February – 23 April
  • Term 2:  3 May – 9 July
  • Term 3:  26 July – 1 October
  • Term 4:  11 October – 15 December

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